Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Prices are in GBP unless otherwise noted.


Upon acceptance of self-guided and supported route materials, Bicissimo will automatically assume you accept the terms and conditions for following a self-guided route proposal, which are highlighted by the following points:

  • Unfortunately refunds cannot be given for any agreed bespoke/customised trip planning already planned, under any circumstances at all, including poor weather conditions, natural disasters or war, and trip cancellations for any reason whatsoever, prior to the departure date or during the trip as the service has already been provided.
  • The act of booking a self-guided or supported bespoke trip with Bicissimo Ltd confirms that you agree to adhere to the principles of the Highway Code in Europe and Italy at all times, when riding a bicycle and that you are aware of the inherent risks involved in such an activity on public roads. You also agree to waive any rights for any legal or financial proceeding against Bicissimo Ltd in the event of an accident or death when following a self-guided itinerary either proposed or sold by us. You also accept that the proposed itineraries are subject to change and are prone to errors in their description.
  • Further, you appreciate that self-guided and supported trips require the participants to anticipate any imminent or obvious problems when riding on public roads such as inclement weather, natural disasters or dangerous/careless driving by other road users and that the route only serves as guidance for participants, of which deviations may be required to continue your journey safely.
  • Bicissimo assumes all self-guided and supported ride participants have an adequate level of suitable travel insurance when following a Bicissimo self-guided or supported trip as no insurance cover is provided by us, an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) if travelling from the UK, and medical cover for cycling in Europe/Italy and to cover the expenses of re-patriation if necessary as Bicissimo Ltd accepts no liabilities for loss, injury or death.
  • Bicissimo Ltd will endeavour to help logistically, albeit remotely, all participants to its utmost if unforeseeable situations do arise that may compromise participants’ safety or well-being.

1. Dates and Prices

Group size is limited to a maximum of 6 people in order to provide the best possible service and personal attention. Prices are subject to change without prior notice to adjust for any significant fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

  • Private accommodation based on double room twin/shared occupancy with ensuite bathroom for each stage of the tour. Single occupancy supplement rates will be provided on request. If you indicate a willingness to share a room we will try to match you with a roommate of the same sex so you will not be charged the single room supplement. If we are unable to provide a roommate you will have to pay the single supplement with your final payment. Hotels are ideally positioned for both relaxation and convenience of access to historical centres and restaurants and bars.
  • A mix of traditional and modern regional dining in carefully selected restaurants every night after each ride including arrival day (excluding departure day).
  • Pre-planned ‘on route’ lunch stops on ride days only.
  • Continental breakfasts on each tour day.
  • Experienced guide and van support, when required. Nutritional and mechanical support.
  • Arrival/Departure flights.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Lunches or provisions on transfer days and optional meals.
  • Tickets to sightseeing points of interest/ activities unless stated otherwise.
  • Transfers requested at any other point in the trip, outside of arranged arrival/departure. Bicissimo fees do not include any air, land, or sea transportation prior to your arrival at the stage starting point of Verona,Florence or Pompeii or after the scheduled departure day. Participants can arrange with Bicissimo transfers outside of scheduled times, at extra cost. Bicissimo does not recommend any specific transportation provider, and cannot be held responsible for any delays encountered during your travel, even if they cause you to miss part or all of your stay.
  • Services such as trip insurance, medical insurance and telecommunications are not included.

Any expenses incurred by a participant on free time, when visiting an event, or participating in a group activity that are not explicitly defined as what is in included in the trip (above) are the responsibility of the participant. This applies to, but is not limited to, phone and internet fees, laundry charges, souvenirs, personal items, medical expenses, and other expenses of a personal nature.

Airport or train station transfers are included to either Verona Villafranca, Verona Brescia and Verona Porta Nuova. Transportation to and from airports and train stations in other towns (eg Venice Marco Polo) is available for an additional fee. Bicissimo are not responsible for any expenses you may incur in travelling to and from each stage location outside of the agreed collection and departure arrangements from the airport.

2. Booking & Payment

Because spaces are limited, we recommend you make your reservation well in advance, at least 90 days prior to departure. Tours do sell out or become otherwise unavailable, so booking early is the most reliable means of reserving spots on your Italian trip of a lifetime. Based on availability, last-minute bookings can be accommodated up to two weeks prior to departure.

Please contact us to verify availability before making your reservation.

Please WAIT for our reply before booking any travel! We will usually respond to your booking request within a couple of days.

After you send in your booking form, we will respond and temporarily reserve your space on the trip if there is room. If the trip is full, we will recommend another one or put you on the wait list if you prefer.

  1. Make initial enquiry (you).
  2. Decide on tour proposal or individual stages (you).
  3. Availability confirmed (us).
  4. Make reservation with a £500 deposit payment through PayPal (you).
  5. Complete and sign waiver and Release of Liability Agreement (you).
  6. Full tour/stage reservation confirmation (us).
  7. Book recommended flights (you).
  8. Finalisation of tour schedule (us).
  9. Pay remainder of balance 90 days prior to trip departure date (you).
  10. Purchase travel and medical insurance (you).
  11. Ride the Italian way! (you with us).

A deposit of GBP 500/person is required 60 days before your arrival date, with your completed waiver and liability release agreement and registration information, in order to reserve a space. A copy of these terms and conditions will be sent to you electronically at the initial part of the booking process.

Registration requests received up to 30 days before anticipated arrival date will be considered on an individual basis, and require payment in full. When we have received your payment, waiver and registration information, we will send you confirmation together with our Italian bike tours with style; Trip preparation guide to the e-mail address you provide for your contact information.

Payment of your remaining balance is due at least 30 days before your arrival inItaly. Non-payment by the due date is equivalent to cancellation (see below).

Payments can be made through PayPal. Different countries carry individual surcharges on transactions. Please check each countries terms and conditions for details depending on the account type you hold.

Sorry, we do not accept payment by credit card.

When we reply that you are booked, we will request a deposit of £500 per person/ trip in order to confirm your space/s on the tour. Deposits are due within 10 days of reserving your space. Payment through Pay Pal or bank transfer please (please be aware of any respective charges you may incur).

Once we have confirmed your booking, any change you wish to make to your holiday arrangements must be notified by email and will be carried out subject to availability. For changes notified more than 60 before your departure date, an arrangement fee of £20 per person will be charged. Changes notified within 60 days of your departure date will be treated as a cancellation of your original booking and cancellation charges as set out below will be levied.

We will use our best endeavours to ensure that none of the ingredients of your holiday arrangements has to be altered. However, occasions may arise when we cannot follow our advertised itineraries, or cannot maintain our advertised schedules. Our itineraries are put forward as a statement of intention only, not as representations or undertakings that they will be carried out. If any additional expenses are incurred through delay, accident or disruptions of planned itineraries beyond our control, e.g. war, threat of war, riots, civil strike, terrorist activity, strikes, governmental action, natural disasters, fire, technical problems of transport, closure of ports or airports, cancellation or changes of schedule by scheduled airlines, or similar events beyond our control, such expenses are to be borne by the clients.

3. Cancellation and refunds

We highly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance.

All cancellations must be in writing (email acceptable from the person making the original booking). Effective date of cancellation is date of receipt of letter or email, postmark date for letters by post. Payments are refundable in full up to 90 days before arrival. If you cancel less than 90 days before arrival, you may apply your deposit to (a) a later date in the same year for a non-refundable processing fee of GBP 50/person, subject to available space, or (b) a date in the following year for a non-refundable processing fee of GBP 100/person. If you don’t choose one of these options there is no refund.

Each case will be evaluated on an individual basis. Deposits and payments for optional activities are paid to unaffiliated operators and therefore are non-refundable unless we are able to find a substitute to take your place.

In the event that Bicissimo need to cancel your booking before you begin your trip, due to unforeseen events, we will refund your payments in full (excluding payments for optional activities) within 4-6 weeks of sending you our written cancellation notice.

If you fail to pay in full 60 days prior to departure, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and your deposit will be forfeited. Should you or any member of your party be forced to cancel your booking, we must receive notice by email from the person making the original booking. The cancellation will take effect from the date that such notice is received at our offices, and the following cancellation charges will apply. The charges are expressed as a percentage of the total holiday price.

Cancellations are subject to the listed fees depending on the number of days prior to your arrival at Bicissimo. *Please refer to the table.

If you are owed a refund of fees paid, it will be sent within 30 days of receipt of your cancellation notice.

You must cancel your program in writing by post or by email. Cancellations cannot be accepted by phone. The effective date of cancellation will be the postmark on your letter of notification or the date of receipt of the letter or email.

Bicissimo Ltd,
135C South Lane,
New Malden,
Surrey KT3 5HQ.

Bicissimo Ltd reserves the right to cancel your tour for any reason. Very occasionally it may be necessary for us to cancel a specific departure. On the occasion that we do cancel your tour, you will be entitled to book any other available tour from this brochure (where the cost is less, you will be refunded the difference, but where the cost is more, you will be expected to pay the additional cost; or we will refund to you all payments received to date. Such refund will be Bicissimo entire liability to you with respect to a cancelled trip. We will not be responsible for any costs or expenses you incurred in relation to the tour including airline tickets, hotels, visa fees or other related expenses associated with the tour. Our tour prices are based upon a minimum participation level. If our minimum enrolment is not met we are under no obligation to run the tour. We will inform you at least 30 days prior to the original departure date if your trip is being cancelled. For this reason it is recommended flight booking is delayed until the tour is confirmed.

Changes to arrival or departure dates are permitted, based on hotel rooms and transfer vehicle space availability. Any changes to your reservation that result in an increased trip cost, and occur within 60 days of your arrival date will require immediate full payment. Changes to your reservation that result in a reduced trip cost will be refunded subject to cancellation fees noted above.

Cancellations are subject to the listed fees depending on the number of days prior to your arrival at Bicissimo.

  • 60 days or more before arrival
  • 30 – 59 days prior to arrival
  • 15 – 29 days prior to arrival
  • 8 – 14 days of arrival
  • Within 7 days
  • 100% of deposit
  • 50% cancellation fee
  • 75% cancellation fee
  • 90% cancellation fee
  • 100% of your trip payment

4. Responsibility of Trip Participants

Bicissimo tour participants have certain responsibilities to Bicissimo Ltd and the other trip participants. Trip participants are responsible for understanding the stage itineraries and selecting a trip in consultation with Bicissimo that is appropriate for their abilities and to their interests.

Each trip participant is required to sign and return a Release of Liability at least 60 days before trip departure.

Travellers who have not returned a signed Release of Liability 30 days prior to the trip departure date will not be allowed to join the trip. Any funds paid to that date will be subject to the cancellation policy above. At the trip leader’s discretion, a participant may be asked to leave the trip if the leader feels that the person’s further participation may be detrimental to the individual or other trip participants.

All terms are outlined in your signed release of liability. Bicissimo Ltd is not liable for bodily injury or property damage as a result of (but not limited to): physical exertion for which a guest is not prepared; forces of nature; travel by plane, train, auto, boat, or other conveyance, or by bicycle, ski, horseback, foot, or other form of active or adventure travel; consumption of alcoholic beverages; civil unrest; terrorism; breakdown of equipment; high altitude; lack of or limited access to medical attention in remote locations; and the adequacy of medical attention once provided. Bicissimo Ltd is also not liable for: expenses (e.g., meals, transportation, or hotel costs) that are not specified as included in the trip cost but may be required to get to or from a trip start or end. Bicissimo Ltd reserves the right to make route and hotel modifications as necessary to improve the quality of a trip or to accommodate the comfort and well-being of guests. Guests grant Bicissimo Ltd. express permission to take photographs or film records of its trips for promotional and commercial use, without remuneration. The guest agrees to assign all right, title and interest they may have in or to any media in which their name or likeness might be used to Bicissimo. Also guest agree that any testimonials to Bicissimo, assigns all rights to Bicissimo and allows the testimonials to be used for promotional and/or commercial purposes without any remuneration.

Waiver and release of Liability Agreement – general points. You will be sent a full Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement to sign and send back before finally booking you on our trip.


  • Acknowledge road cycling poses certain inherent risks of personal injury, illness, death and property damage to persons participating in such activities and you are aware of and accept these risks.
  • Are responsible for the proper maintenance and safe condition of the bicycle you are riding and all related equipment.
  • Abide by the Italian highway code at all times and be considerate to other road users.
  • Wear current regulatory standards helmet and protective eyewear, and practice safe conduct when riding with the ‘group’ or other Bicissimo guests at all times.
  • Are aware of all road hazards, both mobile and stationery when in transit.
  • Acknowledge there will be on and off road hazards/conditions and therefore will adjust riding style accordingly eg unprotected corners, steep inclines, water hazards, rocks and gravel on the road, uneven surfaces, farm vehicles, urban traffic, domestic and wild animals.
  • Agree that all ride activity decisions will be based on the consensus of the group as opposed to individual desires, except under exceptional circumstances.
  • Have medical insurance while attending a Bicissimo trip and such insurance covers your activities while in Italy, as well as costs of repatriation if necessary.


  • Although we strive to create routes using the most tranquil roads in the region. For the majority of the ride to consist of quiet and tolerable traffic levels, some connecting roads may be busier main roads with heavier traffic. We try to keep the overall route distance on such roads to a minimum, however you should exercise extreme caution in the event of navigating a busy junction or main road and follow the Highway Code for Italy and Europe at all times.
  • We also aim to remove the possibility of including any unpaved roads (strade bianchi, otherwise known as ‘sterrate’) and any poorly surfaced roads as part of the route as much as possible. However short stretches may not be always avoidable to maintain route fluidity and should be anticipated. Please exercise caution under all circumstances. Any significant unpaved sections will also be highlighted for you on your downloadable trip documentation. Please refer to this guide source for safe cycling in Italy: http://italy-cycling-guide.info/tips-advice/riding-in-italy/


  • You will receive full GPX/TCX electronic route files once you purchase your selected itinerary. The routes are for recommendation purposes to be used as guidance only, highlighting our suggested cycling in the region which you may volunteer to follow. Bicissimo routes are well researched and reflect the typical terrain and tranquillity the region has to offer, however common sense should prevail at all times to ensure safety and wellbeing while riding on the public highway. You should also make sure you have adequate contingency plans in case of inclement severe weather or unforeseen road closures. Participants volunteering to follow our recommended routes are expected to be comfortable and competent with GPS devise device navigation, in respect to the Highway Code of Europe and Italy.

Vouchers and discounts

  • Discounts for accommodation and stays at our selected hotels, residence, hostel, agriturismo and bed&breakfast guest houses are agreed with the respective management in advance. The advertised discount rate applies for only the length of stay stipulated on your voucher or self-guided documentation. Discount vouchers may only be valid for specific periods of the year.
  • Purchasing a self-guided downloadable package does not entitle you for guaranteed booking for your stay period, and therefore you should enquire for availability prior to purchase, and book as soon as possible after downloading, stating your voucher code printed on the voucher.
  • Discount vouchers are only valid for 1 year after purchase.
  • Honouring the agreed discount rate for your entire stay during that period is at the discretion of the accommodation. However we will work to help resolve any conflicts should they arise.

We require all our guests to purchase adequate travel and medical insurance prior to arrival on the tour. Please obtain trip insurance to protect you should a covered medical reason or other covered emergency require you to cancel your trip. There are comprehensive plans that also include trip interruption, baggage loss and medical coverage during the trip. A great US website for comparing travel insurance packages of the major carriers is http://www.insuremytrip.com. Please note, most companies require you purchase travel insurance within two weeks of your initial deposit in order to waive any pre-existing conditions. If travelling from the UK, http://www.direct-travel.co.uk/ offer comprehensive and competitive insurance policies.

Please visit gov.uk for foreign travel advice for Italy.

We count on our travellers to be healthy and fit; to read our pre-trip materials about what to bring; medical requirements; to understand that a road less travelled means a more unpredictable, and more rewarding, adventure. Bicissimo Ltd trips have risks and rewards. The trip is physically demanding and visits areas where medical facilities may be virtually nonexistent and emergency medical access difficult.

Each morning, with the exception of the rest or travel day, a guided ride is included. The route and terrain may vary from the suggested itinerary to give every guest the opportunity to enjoy the wide variety of scenery and cycling challenges each stage offers. The group ride will be led by Bicissimo staff, or independent contractors engaged by Bicissimo to lead the rides. The rides may occasionally be joined by local pro and/or amateur riders, but they are not associated with Bicissimo in any official capacity and are not responsible as a ‘ride leader’. If participants choose not to join the day’s group ride, Bicissimo will do its best to provide maps and/or directions for a self-guided ride or alternative activities, but such rides will be considered a ‘non-trip activity’.

Bicissimo provides all participants transportation to and from all stage activities, including meals and other activities. Even if the participant is not taking part in the event, they are welcome to travel with the group. Upon request of the participants, Bicissimo will provide transportation to other attractions, when possible. If a participant would like to visit a different location or attraction than the group, they will be responsible for their own transportation.

By booking a guided or self-guided trip with Bicissimo Ltd you agree to adhere to the principles of the Highway Code in Europe and Italy when riding a bicycle and that you are aware of the inherent risks involved in such an activity on public roads. You also acknowledge and agree to waive any rights for any legal proceeding against Bicissimo Ltd in the event of an accident or death when following a guided or self-guided itinerary either proposed or sold by us. Further, you appreciate that guided and self-guided trips require the participants to anticipate any imminent or obvious problems when riding on public roads such as inclement weather, natural disasters or dangerous/careless driving by other road users and that the route only serves as guidance for participants, of which deviations may be required to continue their journey safely. You have arranged adequate bicycle and travel insurance to cover the cost for repatriation or continuing your holiday abroad in the event of an accident. Bicissimo Ltd will endeavour to help all participant to its utmost if unforeseeable situations do arise that may compromise participants safety or well-being. Guided trip bookings can be cancelled 2 months or more prior to the start date for a penalty of 50% of the entire cost of the booking, 1 month before the start date for a 25% refund of the total cost. Self-guided trips (pre-packaged or custom designed) are NOT subject to refunds if you decide to cancel your holiday as the service has already been provided or expensed. Bicissimo Ltd reserve the right to cancel any trip at any time, however will provide a full refund. Guided and self-guided participants are expected to have a road-worthy bike free from mechanical defects and are ultimately responsible for the maintenance of their own bike throughout the trip. All participants should have adequate trip insurance coverage in place for unforeseen events and trip cancellations beyond the responsibility of Bicissimo Ltd.

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